Visual WaterScreen – South Africa – CPT – JHB – DBN

waterscreen south africa

AV Direct has launched its very own water screens which uses projection and a full colour laser to visually display company logo’s, videos and FX.

Brand new technology designed and manufactured by our research and development team at AV Direct offers a fresh new concept to WOW your audience!!

Features Include:

– Submersible pump for low noise operation

– 6m – 8m Screen Height

– 16m – 20m Screen Width

– On Demand Start/Stop Controller

Water screen technology offers the client the chance to project company logo’s in a virtual 3D environment that will dazzle and amaze audiences.

Visual projection can be complimented by our wide range of audiovisual equipment. Full colour laser displays, Logo and Special FX Loop projection,  Gobo textures,  Illuminating colour wash and all combined visual FX.

See the video here:

AV Water Screen Projection & Laser Show