Video Conferencing – To The World


Dear Valued Customer

This past decade has seen businesses in all fields change dramatically. It is now possible for the World to come together in a single room and with Globalization headlining the affairs in this modern age, certain areas of business are taking advantage of the newest technology in Video Conferencing.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade held their Middle East and Africa Senior Trade Commissioners Meeting last week. Assuring Business Mobility was key during the Agenda, AV Direct was called in to supply Video Conferencing Equipment to relay talks between leaders in RSA and Canada.

Planning a Nationwide Roadshow

Whether you require minimal or extensive technical support, AV Direct can facilitate and co-ordinate all logistics, event planning, program breakdown and supply technicians nationwide. Look no further, allow one company to oversee all your roadshow requirements today!

Since it is safer and more reliable if one company handles all the shows, the benefits of using the AV Direct Roadshow Crew are numerous:

Costs are kept to a minimum as AV Direct has reliable contacts all over the country, so no need to pay for huge transport costs.
The uniformity, consistency and sustained success of all the events is ensured.
There is no need to explain your requirements to separate events companies with different equipment.
The uncertainty regarding untested audio-visual companies in unfamiliar venues is eliminated, when using one event management company.

Lighting Up a Cape Royale

The Cape Royale Hotel had its stunning Conference & Spa Launch Party last week, the venue was lit up using LED Lighting, along with DMX Control to create (well, how the Top Chef called it) an Alice In Wonderland effect. The mouth-watering food was supplied by the in-house restaurant at the Cape Royale.

Exclusive Discount on Fashion Lighting


AV Direct is proud to offer our clients 20% off all Intelligent, Mood and Stage Lighting, when hiring a runway, catwalk, set design or AV for your Fashion Show. Impress your audience with a subtle blend of colour, an aura of dazzling profile spots and give your event the sparkle it deserves.