“That’s What She Said” 2013 – Grand Africa Beach Cafe

In celebration of Women’s Day, Younique Concepts and After Hours Entertainment in association with Glamour and Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drink presented “That’s What She Said” 2013 with Karina Chaczbabian from The Zoo Project in Ibiza.

That's What She Said 2013 - Grand Africa Beach Cafe feat Karina - Zoo Project

From sunset to midnight on the 8th of August the Grand Café & Beach in Cape Town hosted the best in deep house music entertainment. With chefs preparing delicious food on the beach and refreshing drinks available at the bar, it is a relaxing end to a working week and a perfect start to the long weekend. The night also featured talented DJ’s January One, Vanessa Holliday and Nicole Weitsz.

That’s What She Said 2013 with Karina Chaczbabian from The Zoo Project in Ibiza.

The incredible DJ Karina – Zoo Project – Ibiza

Karina (Zoo Project/ Berlin)

Summertime on the balearic island of Ibiza and winter in Berlin is a creative solution for this girl, who likes to make things happen. From organizing her own events in Poland to making the crowd lusciously throw themselves into a decadent dance at clubs, where she plays- Karina Chaczbabian leaves a sound signature.

Uncovering the electronic music landscape, her senses are sharpened by her musical roots- six generations of pianists and violinists make her joke that music in her family is a curse. Always keen to experiment with something outside the traditional house/techno paradigm, her vinyl selection is seductive and laid-back, syncretistic and hypnotic, as well as containing a driving, electronic beat. –  http://www.residentadvisor.net

Have a listen to Karina on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/karinamusic

Karina Chaczbabian from The Zoo Project in IbizaKarina Chaczbabian from The Zoo Project in Ibiza







We were happy to assist in providing technical equipment for this event. For the sound equipment, we supplied an Electro-Voice system through crown amplification. The efficiency of these speakers were paramount in the success of the audio quality and keeping up with the dance music. The T18 bass-bins were perfect for the application. DJ equipment in the form of Technics SL1200 turntables, Pioneer DJM800 and CDJ900 units were supplied. A Soundcraft SI desk was used, as a mono-delay signal was sent to other area’s of the venue and outside.

Karina Chaczbabian

That’s What She Said 2013 with Karina Chaczbabian from The Zoo Project in Ibiza.


Technics SL1200 Turntables For Hire

Technics SL1200 Turntables


The lighting rig consisted of a H shaped trussing structure which included the BriteQ36 Moving Head Wash lights, Stagg Headbanger Moving Head LEDs and LED Strips. The rest of the room used Stage Colour wash lights and LED Strips to create ambient lighting.

Controlled with our Martin Pro Light Jockey system, the led lighting provided enough speed and luminosity for this booming event!

We setup visuals for the show which provided a bright and entertaining backdrop.

LED lighting on truss structure at the grand cafe cape town

Truss Structure with LED Moving Head Lighting System

January One Live at Grand Cafe