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LED Screen Display Solutions

LED Screens are perfect for high-resolution indoor and outdoor video. AV Direct now supplies high-definition indoor led video cabinets with the acquisition of 125 2.91mm LED Cabinets and multiple Linsn LED Video Processors to create a combination of LED Video Wall configurations. Quad-Video Graphic PC with LED processor cascading enables us to deliver a stunning 4k ultra HD wide video solution for our clients. Custom built into a variety of set designs, our new indoor LED screen is perfect for conferences, awards, film sets, fashion shows, product and car launch events.

For outdoor solutions we prefer to source IP65 rated 6mm resolution LED screens. These can be rigged from our complete outdoor stage and roof structure, or used as free-standing stackable video walls. Complete with live camera relay solutions our AV department caters for large outdoor music concerts with big screen video playback. They are suitable for most outdoor concerts, film festivals, large sporting events and stadium installations.

LED Screens

Our sales team also supply video wall billboards, structures and technical assistance for LED screen installations.  Providing clients with the opportunity to run promotional and advertising material throughout the day, making LED displays the ultimate tool for media signage and promotion.

  • LED Video Wall Solutions

    2.91mm Ultra HD Wide Video Wall
    High resolution HD Indoor LED Displays
    IP65 rated Outdoor 6mm LED Screens
    LED Installations, Structures and Sales

  • Our LED Screens are perfect for:
    Sporting events
    Film festivals
    Live camera feed
    Music concerts
    Outdoor events
    Stadium installation

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