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Yes, your event can also have spectacular laser lighting! From hazers to lasers – AV Direct are laser light show specialists that can choreograph spectacular laser shows for any event! AV Direct is the leading provider of audio visual, stage hire and trussing and lighting hire in the event industry.

Depending on the nature of the event or occasion, be it for corporate events, parties, weddings, clubs etc. Lighting can make a dramatic impact and favourable difference to the event by adding a dash of uniqueness to it. Laser lights can be used for numerous types of events where impact and unusual visual effects are preferred. Laser lighting is capable of bright, colourful visual displays and has a unique three dimensional aspect that is not possible with other lighting equipment and effects. AV Direct has a wide variety of laser lighting available for hire for spectacular laser shows. AV Directs’ offering allows for maximum fulfilment of even the most complex party and event requirements and we continue to invest in world-class hire equipment to ensure that we remain the industry leader in party hire, exhibition hire, event hire and lighting and audio visual hire.

laser light shows

Laser lighting

For various laser effects, different configurations of laser systems will be required. For large scale public events and outdoor laser shows, high powered lasers systems are required. Video projection requires a flat surface for the image to be in focus. Laser graphics are in focus all the way along the path and can be projected onto irregular surfaces without losing focus.

For indoor events, lower powered laser systems are required. For Corporate branding or theatre, the emphasis might be on graphics while other types of shows, particularly dance and party events, may use more beam effects.

Check out our lasers in action:

Video Mapping using in-house Christie LX700 Projectors. Laser Show using BriteQ Full Colour Club Laser and BriteQ Spectra 3D Lasers.

Laser show and Video Mapping Services:

  • EDM Festival Laser Shows
  • Sporting event Laser light shows
  • Laser light shows for concerts
  • Laser light shows for special events and festivals
  • Product launches utilising custom Laser graphics (logos, custom art, slogans and high energy Laser effects)
  • Laser advertising (Laser billboards, building projections, trade shows)
  • Nightclub Laser Lighting

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