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DJ Equipment Hire Service – South Africa

We believe Professional DJ Equipment is the base of success at any gig, tour, function or event. That is why AV Direct offers a premium DJ equipment hire service and sales pipeline to source and install equipment to improve your existing DJ rig. Our equipment is constantly monitored by technical staff at all times to maintain quality control and PA support.

AV Direct is widely known as one of only a few professional Events Companies that can also ensure the full creative and production service along with DJ LED Surround, Amplification, Line Array PA Systems, Structures, and Rigging. Our continued success is rooted in the operation of our process.Along with our Professional DJ Equipment Service, we offer a turnkey production design that includes Lighting Systems, Large Scale Projection and LED screens, Live Relay, Broadcasting, and Recording services. Dance, and Event Floor hire. Sound Hire services are scaled through solutions to your event adding quality DJ Lighting Equipment, Stage Lighting, Band Sound, and Stage Hire.

DJ Equipment Hire Service | Sourcing and Technical Supply of decks, mixers, amplifiers, headphones, and speakers

If you have just finished your DJ training then the first thing you will want to do is get all the DJ equipment that you require. Finding the right mixer is important so that when you get started with your career you will be able to get the best mixes.

Then you will need DJ CD Players or DJ turntables, synthesizers and DJ controllers. You may need your own sound system and even a couple of DJ disco lights and effects for your show. Digital DJ equipment (using a laptop) is a cheaper alternative since songs can be downloaded individually at low cost. You will have to keep up with the all the changes in the music industry and you will also have to make a list of all the new songs from time to time so that you can play these whenever you are playing anywhere.

You need to figure out if your first DJ set is going to include, direct drive turntables, single/dual CD Players with pitch control and cue functions, Multi – Format Players, a laptop system for digital Dj-ing or a combination. A DJ mixer connected to an amplifier and speakers or active speakers and lastly – some DJ lighting, lasers and hazers.

To makes things easier for you, AV Direct and most professional DJ equipment suppliers will be able to assist you in choosing the right equipment to match your needs and pockets. Whether hiring or purchasing it is always best to speak to professionals, as there is so much you can learn.

Various websites such as Youtube, Soundcloud and Beatport have very useful information on music, equipment, demos and connections which will assist you in this industry.

So feel free to drop us an e-mail, give us a call, or connect with us through various social networks to discuss.

DJ equipment hire service includes the source and delivery of Pioneer, Technics, JBL, Turbosound, DB technologies, and various other top-quality brandname inventory and accessories. Every DJ should want this, regardless of what music you spin.

DJ Equipment Hire Service of:

  • CD Players
  • DJ Decks (Turntables)
  • Live Mixers
  • Active (Powered) Speakers
  • Passive Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • DJ Booth Monitors
  • Lighting and effects
  • DJ Smoke & Bubble Machines
  • Hazers and Lazers
  • Microphones
  • Professional DJ Headphones
  • Stands, Racks, and Tables
  • Connector cables
  • Power adapters and power strips
  • Dance Floors

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