Disinfection Services

AV Direct now provides professional venue disinfection services. Equipment, Residential, Vehicles, and Commercial Premises decontamination solutions.

Warehouse cleaning and disinfectant products. Contact us for professional and responsible venue cleaning and decontamination solutions. Along with Venue Technical Management, AV Direct is delivering a fogging, spray, and sanitisation solution for all applications.

Decontamination and Degerming

Whilst AV Direct are unable to host events during lockdown, we’re here to DISINFECT & FOG your space back into business! Applicable for staff, vehicles, residential and commercial properties.  Various services include thermal imagine, cleaning chemicals, disinfectant spray, PPE, sanitisation, fogging and degerming. A transparent biocidical liquid with neutral PH. Non-toxic, Eco friendly & safe to use. SABS Approved

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