This week, AV Direct was proud to assist the South African Housing Foundation (SAHF) in supplying all technical aspects for the 3-day Conference and Exhibition at the Southern Sun Hotel in Cape Town.

SA HousingA large number of LCD Screens were placed at certain exhibition areas around the venue, clients could run their own footage using DVD players with USB capability for screening presentations.

Many of the exhibition stands captured the live feed from the main conference hall. Using Kramer TP devices to send data ia CAT5 cabling.

The main conference hall was kitted out with two large projector screens, staging and a JBL audio equipment.

State of the art SANYO projectors were used to project live feed and presentations onto the screens.

Housing & Construction

The portentous event ran for 3 days, consisted of many influential speakers, discussions and question & answer sessions.

More information regarding this event can be obtained on the SAHF website.

COnstruction & Housing

This conference serves as an important step towards building a greater foundation for development in South Africa. Infrastructure and housing in South Africa is of the utmost importance, and it is when corporate and community based companies come together to share ideas and provide insight into creating a better future for all who live in this beautiful country.

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