Producing Energy in Corporate Identity

AV Direct are fast becoming South Africa’s most renowned production company. Offering services in all aspects of audio engineering, lighting design, high-resolution video projection, set design, structures and post-event production, we are able to fully assist our client’s projects from start to finish!

Lately, we have been able to offer top corporate client’s a really fantastic and efficient solution to enhance their corporate identity and logo design with our innovative design team.


The method of using poly-cut logo design elements and placement onto our unique designed sets have given our clients an affordable and secure way of showing off their brand! The simplicity and neatness gives the logo a really stunning finish. The 3D enhancement also lets the logo jump out at you, while focusing the lights onto the logo’s can create a really fine gloss touch!

Just have a look at some of our latest projects and get in touch with our design team for more info!

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