Who wants to be a Champion?

Your conference will need that great opener, that one activity that will set the tone for the rest of the conference, inspiring your team to get involved and have a little fun!!

Who wants to be a Champion?

Exciting Atmosphere

Infusion Studios have created a game show concept “Who wants to be a Champion”, based on the popular TV Show “Who wants to be a Millionaire” . The game takes the contestant through the varied questions, that relate to your business by using specific elements that create a tense yet exciting atmosphere, as seen in the televised game show. AV Direct then constructed a fabricated set design including lightboxes, circular staging with reference monitors and setup intelligent lighting. This helps create the enhanced effect of having the stage and sets change colour at various intervals throughout the show. Another benefit is that all equipment used for the set of the gameshow can be utilized for the rest of the conference. This is great for conferences that run over a few days.

gameshow gameshow Who wants to be a Champion?

Designed for your Corporate Identity

The game can be tailor-made to work with any client or sponsor and can incorporate all the necessary detail ranging from; colour scheme; logo placement or any wording. Each game is specific to the client and will be handed to the client after the conference.

Who wants to be a Champion? Who wants to be a Champion? Who wants to be a Champion?

It Really Makes For Great Team Building

Ready to infuse fun into your workplace? Then the game show really makes for a good laugh and with the questions, you can find out what your staff know about the company or just have fun!

“Laughing helps people clear the cobwebs from the brain and gets the creative juices flowing!”

It even goes as far as including the various “Lifelines”. Which are:

Ask a Friend – The contestant gets to ask his/her friend at the conference.

50/50 – The computer automatically takes out two wrong answers and leaves one correct and one wrong answer.

Ask The Audience – The contestant asks the audience for the correct answer – via a show of hands.

Who wants to be a Champion? Who wants to be a Champion? Who wants to be a Champion?

Win Money or Prizes!!

Contestants can either win money or prizes, depending on the clients’ suggestion and questions are pre-selected by the client to be added to the list. It creates a great atmosphere with lighting and sound to match while giving your guests a chance to get to know each other as well as the company and potentially win great prizes!

For more information contact:

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