Touring and Road Shows


It’s road show time again, and that can be synonymous with fun or frustration depending on many variables.

The staging of a road show is often plagued by problems inherent to the concept of travelling around the country to promote your product or service.  As roads shows are often the same design in different locations, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  In fact, it is best to work with only one AV company and leave it up to that company to communicate and coordinate the technical details from city to city.

Some key variables to consider during the planning and production phase are budget; venue/location; logistics; weather;   a clear concise marketing strategy; client participation; timed agenda and reliable technical support.

Technical Support


To alleviate any technical inconsistencies, the AV Direct Road Show Crew will take your event around South Africa, coordinated by the same team of dedicated and motivated technical professionals.  They will manage your technical requirements professionally, be dressed in full uniform and ensure that all our audio visual equipment is clean, reliable and of the highest quality throughout your event.  Maintaing your company’s reputation.

2D/3D Analysis and Design


One of our Sales or Technical representatives will meet you at each venue to determine your sound; stage; lighting;
power and set layout requirements, which will conform to each venue.  Another key service offering is 2D/3D Set Design models, we will help you conceptualise the layout at each venue.  We make the most of our in house expertise and design software to generate live models allowing you as a client to transform your vision in reality.

3D Modelling


AV Direct will now implement these 3D models upon request, to make the quotation process simpler for the client and event co-ordinator. Equipment such as tables, chairs, furniture and decor can be easily added to create a real-time model of the event setup.