3D Analysis and Design

3D Design and sets for all…

Our crew and staff have been really busy lately with meetings, briefs, details of events and new equipment coming in. It’s all happening here at AV Direct, and I’ve decided to write about some of the exciting new developments that are taking place.

In between parties, events, conferences and banquets, our crew have been putting all the final pieces together to produce magnificent shows.

Step by step all our team members work together to build, create and imagine new ideas, sets and show designs. We can’t show you exactly what they will look like just yet, but stay tuned to this blog see the pics of all our exciting events.

As the final pieces of furniture move into our boardroom, meetings are under way as our road show crew prepares to finalize audio visual equipment requirements and begin loading in for the next tour.

Boardroom Equipment

Love the smell of fresh pine in the morning

Just before we do head off though, final plans are in order to ensure quality service throughout the tour.

Using 3D Designs, our clients are fully aware of how the setup will look once completed. Our clients, of which a large portion are Event Management companies, may use these 3D designs to show potential clients what is on offer.

As the drawings are created directly in proportion to the size of the venue, clients will know exactly how much room is required for tables, chairs and other decorative items. A Banqueting managers’ dream!!!

3D Design