Music Video Props and Decor

So you’re an artist and are looking for staging equipment to use on your next music video? AV Direct can assist with your production by offering props and decor for your music video requirements. There’s nothing like a stage full of stacked speakers, rocking aluminium trussing, intelligent lighting design and special FX!

technics-sl-1200-mk2-hire music video props

Technics SL1200 Turntables

Another hot favourite for your video is the Technics SL1200 Turntable. Nothing beats a smooth and sexy vinyl playing on some of the world’s best decks.

drum-sets-and-music-video-propsAlso great for your music video shoot is our selection of quality backline items:

Yamaha Studio Maple Drumkit – Red

Ashdown Bass amp cabinet and head

Fender Twin Reverb Guitar amplifier

We have a selection of Shure, AKG and Audix microphones available too. More information on our sound equipment.

We also have the Pioneer CDJ900 and DJM600 DJ equipment.

Another piece of audio equipment to mention is the famous “Madonna” Headset microphone from Shure.

On the lighting side of things, we have automated lighting fixtures, generic lighting, LED lighting and special FX lighting. Check out the Matrix Beam Light panels which can even run text! Below is a pic of these amazing lights.


There is an array of curved stage pieces, stage decks and trussing to build your stage design. Printed banners and modular sets allow for creative backdrops and projection surfaces. We also carry a host of smoke machines, disco balls, dance floors and hazers for those stage concert videos.

You can contact our technical design team to work together with your creative department to put together a 3D representation of your set. By combining all these elements we are sure to surpass your expectations and offer you a great service when it comes to music video production sets.

goodluck music video live