High Definition Audio Visual Solutions


For full high definition audio visual solutions, AV Direct has invested in some new equipment to offer our clients and traders. From small to large format projection, we now have two Christie LHD 700 full HD 1920x1080p digital projectors in stock. Pair this with our digital scalers, and you have the ultimate full high definition audio visual solution for your everyday needs.


High Definition Audio Visual

CHRISTIE LHD700 Digital Projector

This single-lamp, portable projector features 7000 ANSI lumen brightness, full HD resolution, 4DColor™ technology and inorganic LCD panels for high contrast and vivid color presentations. 4DColor™ technology gives a 20 percent increase in color gamut over comparable 3LCD models. We have 2 x Lens available: Short Throw Zoom 1.3-1.8:1 and Zoom Lens 4.3 – 6.0:1





Technology  3LCD
Resolution  HD (1920 x 1080)
Brightness  7000 ANSI Lumens
Contrast  3000:1 (Full on/off)
Illumination  380W NSHA
Lamp Life  2000 hours, up to 3000 in eco mode
Height  7.36″ (187.0 mm)
Width  14.5″ (370.0 mm)
Depth  17.0″ (439.9 mm)
Weight  25.1 lbs (11.4 kg)


ANALOG WAY – Pulse PLS300 – Multi-Layer Hi-resolution seamless Switcher with 2 scalers for large screen projections, conference rooms and houses of worship.

high definition audio visual

PLS300 at a glance:
> Seamless transitions between ANY source
> Dual Scaler
> 1 Live PIP on a Live Background with numerous effects
> 10 inputs and power in a single rack unit
> Versatile for any kind of Live Application or High-End Installation

10 Inputs
• 2 DVI Inputs
• 6 Universal Analog Inputs
• 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI
• SDTV, EDTV, HDTV and Computer formats up to 2K
• Full digital In/Out Processing

• 2 Analog and Digital Outputs: Main & Preview
• Computer Formats up to 2K

Operation Modes & Effects
• 1 Operation Mode: Mixer
• Live Background and 1 Live PIP: Fully resizable
• 6 Frames, 6 Logo Memories
• PIP: Pan & Zoom resizing up to 1000%
• PIP Open/Close Animation
• Transitions: Fade (Dissolve), Cut, Clean Cut, Wipe, Slide
• PIP Border (Edge: 1 Color, 1 Width, 1 Height)
• Smooth Move effect
• Chroma/Luma Key/DSK Title
• DSK on Analog & Digital Inputs


ANALOG WAY RK-300 Remote Control Keypad designed to control Analog Way’s new Seamless Switcher

high definition audio visual

RK-300 at a glance:
> Very User-friendly Remote Control Keypad
> Controls different Switchers
> Mini Joystick for easy element control
> Ethernet LAN RJ45 connector for easy connection
> Large VFD display offering high contrast menu

To control the following Seamless Switchers
> EKS500: Eikos
> EKS400: Eikos LE
> OPS300: OPS300
> OPS200: OPS200
> PLS300: Pulse
> PLS200: Pulse LE
> SMX200: Smart MatriX
> SMX100: Smart MatriX LE
> SVU300: SmartVu
> SVU200: SmartVu LE
> SQD200: Smart Quad
> STE100: Smart Edge
> STE200 : Smart Edge FX



Av Direct is a specialist supplier and distributor of branded premium high definition audio visual equipment. Our top-end products offer some of the most advanced and sought after high definition audio visual technologies in the world.

Whatever your taste and budget you’ll find AV Direct will answer your desire for a complete high definition audio visual solution.