Generator Hire and Power Distribution

To guarantee its success, AV Direct’s Generator Hire and Power Distribution will see to all the electrical needs of your production or event. We can provide you with the expertise and necessary equipment, including generators and distributor boards, to ensure that power isn’t a problem at your production or event.


In the event’s planning stages our qualified electricians will make a full assessment of your power supply. After determining its adequacy and stability, we’ll advise you on the most effective solution.

Regardless of whether a single or 3-phase electricity source is deemed best for your needs, AV Direct Power will provide the necessary equipment.

We can supply your event or function with:

– single and 3-phase distribution boards
– single and 3-phase silent generators.

Generators (3 – Phase)
-55 KVA
-26 KVA
-5.5 KVA

– 125A – 2x 63 A, 3 x 32 A
– 63A – 4 x 32 A
– 32A – 6 x 16 A CEE form Break-out
– 32A – 12 x 15 A Plugtop Break-out
– 32A – 6 x 15A Plugtop Break-out

– 32A CEE form Cable
– 63A CEE form Cable
– 125A CEE form Cable
– 16A CEE form (Single Phase)
– 15A Single Phase Cable (Plugtop / Janus)

In addition to this equipment hire and advice, we can provide your event with the expertise of our experienced electricians. Apart from setting up the power supply and distribution, including the connection of 3-phase power cables, the qualified electricians will be available on 24 hour stand by.

These power and electrical related services, including the hire of generators and distribution boards, can ensure that your event or function is not affected by power problems.