A Timeless Wedding at Delaire Graff Estate

AV Direct along with Julie Killias Events were awarded the production for this magnificent wedding at Delaire Graff Estate in Stellenbosch. The production would consist of several months of preparation for an event of this magnitude. All technical elements, pre-production of fabrics, sets and entertainment aspects were handled by our staff. Let us take you through the production process step by step!

chandelier lighting delaire graff estate

Pre-production, preparation and site meetings

The planning and pre-production phase for the wedding was the most exhilarating and exciting of the whole function! You can just imagine. Several site meetings had to be conducted for the layout of the land, technical layout of equipment which included the outside ceremony, reception area’s and fireworks display area’s. Security details were confirmed for the international artists performing and with decisive discussions regarding musical equipment and hospitality.

A 3D graph for the entire venue was created and a full 3D video edit of the details for the technical layout was handed to the client.

3D Planning - Wedding Pics

Innovative Set Design and Preparation

decal perspex design for sets - delaire graff estate

Once the fabric and designs had been chosen for the set and stage backdrops, we went ahead and manufactured over 200m of stage flats and applied the beautiful damask fabric. Below you can see the designs which were chosen to be attached to the sets. These designs were printed on vinyl and applied to a perspex decal which included LED lighting to give a beautiful glow to the set.

The designs were also printed and applied to the dance floor which was constructed using white gloss sheeting.


decal sets wedding delaire graff estate julie killas - av direct

 Logistics and Setup at Venue

Once the stage design and technical layouts had been approved, our team got together to discuss the setup times and logistics for the event. Specifically coordinated by Julie Killas Designs, all suppliers were responsible to adhere to a strict setup schedule. We had 3 large trucks and 2 other vehicles packed and ready to go! The setup took place 5 days before the wedding date to ensure that all procedures and technical aspects of the event were checked, tested and double checked!

For the ceremony and outside areas we setup sound and lighting systems. Carol Thorns performed for guests inside her amazing “Cellosphere”! At the walk-in area we setup sets and added lighting to give off a stunning glow.

carol thorns at delaire graff estate - av direct

pyro technics setup delaire graff estate - av direct

The area was also cordoned off for the pyrotechnic equipment which would be used later that night.  We setup our generators and equipped power distribution to all area’s including the caterer’s kitchen, ceremony and reception area’s, back-of-house area and artists quarters.

Over one thousand eight hundred shells would be let off during the celebrations!  AV Direct took measures to inform security and police of the display which could be seen for miles around the “Helshoogte” mountains!

The setup inside started with the rigging of steels and safety fixtures inside the roof of the marquee. Beautiful chandeliers, flower arrangements, trussing and moving head lights were all installed.  The flooring could then be completed with over 150m2 of white tempo-tile flooring and  under-flooring used to create a stable foundation for the reception. We then added in the staging requirements and sets. A manufactured DJ booth was used for the event which combined classy damask fabric with a perspex vinyl cut-out of the couple’s initials. This booth was constructed and assembled in-house with LED lighting and DMX controllers attached. The stage was clad with white gloss sheeting and with sets created to neatly house the lighting fixtures around the stage area just looked amazing! To add to the beautiful aesthetics of the venue, we constructed steel pipes to be hung in the ceiling for our LED fixtures. These were neatly covered with draping so that just the lights could be seen. We setup to have a LED light per each table in the venue. You can see the effect created in the pictures below.

View the stunning chandeliers, table arrangements and flowers below:

chandelier delaire graff estate - julie killas designstable setting delaire graff estate







tables and dancefloor delaire graff estate

stage audio and lighting delaire graff estate


This image below shows you the powerful difference that subtle lighting can make on the set. On the left you’ll notice white and red lighting, while on the right you’ll see the set light up in a beautiful pink glow! The LED pink comes through far greater on our camera it must be said! haha


 Audio Equipment and Staging

Local and international artists were asked to perform at this Wedding and that meant booking the correct back-line equipment for the day.  This ensured a seamless transition would take place between the performances. For John Legend, a beautiful baby grand piano was delivered and tuned at the venue. A number of discussions between AV Direct and both the artist’s audio engineers ensured that all technical equipment for the bands were correct.

johnny clegg live at delaire graff estate

jclegg live at delaire graff estate av directjclegg band at delaire graff estate - av direct







“A surreal atmosphere swept over the dance floor as award-winning songwriter John Legend walked up on stage! For many it was a massive surprise! He certainly did not let any of his adoring fans down! This was certainly a night to remember!”

john legend - delaire graff estate - julie killas designs and av direct

audience at delaire graff estate - av direct

cole delaire graff estate

The night ended off with some great jazz in the form of UK singer Cole Page (Pictured Above). A funky DJ duo entertained the guests well into the night! It was really a splendid evening and an absolutely magnificent wedding to be a part of! Our client was extremely impressed with the professional technical look and feel of the venue. The entertainment was world class and everything ran so smooth. It was a huge accomplishment for us and inspired our team to be at its best.

 av direct crew delaire graff estate - wedding supplier

Whether you are planning a simple ceremony or a magnificent gala affair, AV Direct’s Wedding Services can help you create the destination wedding of your dreams.