Audio Visual Production Rentals South Africa

AV Direct provide a wide range of Audio Visual Production Services to our clients from all over the world looking to host events in South Africa. Our equipment inventory is of the highest quality professional standard all over the world. Let’s go more into detail on Audio Visual Services.

agsa conference 2014 - audio visual rental

 Our projectors range from smaller conference Vivitek D837 projectors, the larger Sanyo 6500 Lumen projectors, Christie LHD 700 and Christie LX 700 projectors.

We have a wide variety of standard definition and high definition lenses including ultra-short throw zoom, short and long throw lenses in stock.


We have acquired 3 x  large format 16’/12′ screens for front and rear projection. In addition to these projector screens, we are proud to be one of the few companies in South Africa that hires out the 12/7 fast-fold screen which is perfect for widescreen 16:9 HD formats.

widescreen resolution fast fold screens for hire

Our other screens available are:


6’x6’ (1.83m x 1.83m) Front
8’x8’ (2.44m x 2.44m) Front
8’x6’ (2.44m x 1.83m) Front/Rear Kit
10’x7.5’ (3.0m x 2.25m) Front/Rear Kit
12’x9’ (3.66m x 2.74m) Front/Rear Kit
6m x 4.5m Truss Screen with Dual Surface

Other than the Christie LHD 700 ( High-Definition) Projectors. The projector models we use for our projector hire include:  BENQ, VIVITEK, SANYO & CHRISTIE

Sanyo PLC-XP-100L (6500 Lumen)
Vivitek D837 (3500 Lumen, 3D, HDMI)
Christie LX700 (7000 Lumen, LCD Projector)
Long and Short Throw lenses available on request

conference audio visual services and solutions


Analog Way Pulse PLS300 Scaler/Switcher and Controller

We are currently using the new Analog Way Pulse scaler/switcher to offer a Full High Definition AV Solution to meet your needs!

pulse pls300 seamless hd switching

pulse rk-300 controller for digital scaling and switcher


Other New AV Equipment

Along with our new HD Projectors and Switchers, we have also purchased four 51″ Full HD Plasma’s and two 60″ Full HD Plasma’s. Pair these beauties up with the projectors and switchers and we are able to offer you a Full HD solution. The quality is absolutely stunning. Added to that, we have invested in fibre optic cabling* that allows for the output of this high resolution video to larger distances. Great for live video feeds from camera’s and sending signal to breakaway rooms in larger conference situations.60" lg plasma screens for hire

*Due to the nature of digital signals and impedance of copper, fibre optic conversion technology is the best connection medium for DVI and HDMI signal extension. Fortunately, with digital video, both technologies use the same connector type. The DVI/HDMI digital signals are both high-speed and high-bandwidth. Typically, 1080p signal would mean 1920×1080 pixels refreshing over 40 times per second. At this high rate of speed and large bandwidth of data, impedance caused by copper begins to cause signal loss – which results in digital artifacts, pixilation and/or no picture (blue screen) – if the distance is longer than 15 feet.

720p and 1080i are better off with fibre optic connections if the distance is longer than 25 feet.


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