AGSA Studio Shoot 2015

Our set design enhances your message delivery and focus your audience. Our design team can create any environment, from a traditional front facing stage set-up, through to an intimate and engaging interactive catwalk, to ever-changing 3D environments and structures – bringing your events to life.

We were so excited to assist for this event at the Auditor General South Africa offices. The “On The Couch” setup consisted of interviews with the company’s top executives to answer questions from trainees. We created the perfect studio environment for the set, which consisted of white cladded stage, beautifully printed Cape Town backdrop, profile lighting, furniture and led screens with live camera relay.

auditor general of sa studio shoot audio visual

To create the studio environment, we also supplied “ON AIR” and “AD BREAK” signs to communicate with the audience. A clock timer was used to keep the event running to schedule.

A second platform was created with a white cladded stage and projector screen for live camera relay and video. Our new Canon XA25 HD video camera’s were perfect for the occasion. We also created a set wall using stage flats and our modified lighting brackets to rig LED moving head lights which lit up the set beautifully.

studio setupstudio








agsa event

Our client was extremely happy with the end result and the event was a fabulous success! We look forward to assisting AGSA for the future.

agsa team photo