Afrotainment 2014

AV Direct road show crew headed to Upington, for the second time this year, to set up the Afrotainment 2014 event. The show which consisted of some of biggest names in Africa’s Afro-house scene with the likes of Big Nuz, JOOCY and Master Jam, kicked off on Saturday 8th November.


AV Direct supplied a full technical production which included DB Tech Line Array audio, lighting equipment consisting of Matrix Beam Lights, Chauvet LEGEND Spots and VIZI beam lights. The Fog LED unit from Chauvet was used for special FX and there was a full HD camera relay, rear-projected using Christie LHD700 projectors.





Front of house audio was mixed using the Soundcraft SI digital console.  The monitor mixes were routed via the Soundcraft to our Turbosound Milan floor wedge  monitors.

Sony HDR video camera was used to send a live camera relay to the projectors. This was done using SDI to HDMI converters and SDI over CAT5 transmitters and receivers.

On stage we placed the Chauvet LED Foggers which produce great looking smoke effects that are both safe and efficient while giving off awesome energy during the show!









afrotainment stage and lighting rig