A Walk For Rhinos

Rhino awareness month may be over, but the ongoing support and awareness for these magnificent creatures will continue for the next few years.

Rhino killings

A strong initiative took place in Cape Town as activists and anti-poaching committee’s took to the streets to protest against the violent poaching of our beloved rhinos.

Walk FOr Rhino's

People from all walks of life gathered together outside parliament to demonstrate against the cruelty shown to these animals. Over a thousand feet marched together as one with banners high, filling the streets with colour, hope and protest.

AV Direct was proud to assist by sponsoring loudspeakers and microphones for this march. Passionate about this cause we setup outside parliament with generators, banners and equipment so that voices could be heard and feelings brought across.

More information on this anti-poaching protest and the struggle for our rhino’s can be obtained by the following websites:Anti-Poaching Campaign




Anti-Poaching Rhino


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